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How to Choose a Day 1 CPT University for Yourself

Choosing a Day 1 CPT university is undeniably one of the most important and significant decisions you’ll make in terms of your educational career in the US. This decision will affect not only the degree you end up with but also your CPT and OPT options, your overall graduate education, mentorship opportunities, and networking.


You need to make this decision based on certain factors and consider what works best for you. Here are some important things to think about when choosing a Day 1 CPT university:


Look at their accreditations

You should always choose a well-reputed, accredited university such as Westcliff University, Harrisburg University, Trine University, or Monroe College. Each of these institutions is fully accredited and offers a variety of CPT opportunities that allow international students to get their dream jobs and degrees. University accreditation’s impact the value of your degree and the quality of education you receive, so it’s not a factor that should be dismissed.

Get as much detail about your program

Focus heavily on the program and degree itself. Many universities may offer similar programs such as MBA or MSc. degrees with the same concentration or major, but there will always be differences. You need to understand what each program offers, its strengths, who’s teaching what, if there’s a particular faculty member you want to work with, what facilities are available, and so on. The right program can make your entire future and provide you with the tools, knowledge, and specializations that you need.

Know the university’s CPT and OPT requirements

A crucial factor that will help you choose your Day 1 CPT university is their policy and list of requirements for CPT and OPT. Their policies will determine how willing they are to help you secure a job and with your paperwork, as well as their general renewal requirements. We’ll guide you through this process.

Consider where the university is located

Lastly, look at where the university is located. Is it somewhere you’re interested in living and working? Is your CPT placement within the general area or too far? Do you feel like the state or city appeals to you for the entirety of your program? You’ll be living and working there for anywhere between 2-7 years, so location is key.

Choosing the right Day 1 CPT universities in the US is absolutely vital to your long-term success and progress. It will determine your program, CPT placements, and overall educational experience. Learn more about the incredible programs we’re affiliated with and our services by reaching out to us. We’re excited to help you choose a Day 1 CPT university!