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Best 5 Day 1 CPT Universities Near Boston

Day 1 CPT Universities Near Boston


With the consequent decline of the H1B selection rate, many international students are turning to Day 1 CPT as a way to both further their careers and maintain their immigrant status in the United States. However, it can be challenging for those in the Boston area to find a suitable Day 1 CPT university, as none are located in Boston or even within Massachusetts. This article aims to provide a handy list of top 5 Day 1 CPT universities that are highly recommended for students near Boston. 

1. New England College

New England College (NEC) in Henniker, NH is the nearest Day 1 CPT university to Boston. Accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education, NEC offers Day 1 CPT programs such as Executive MBA, Executive IT and Cybersecurity, Executive Data Analytics, and Executive IT Project Management.

New England College Logo

Emphasizing the combination of academic coursework and industry experience, these unique Executive programs provide students with a solid foundation for their career development. To apply to these programs, an applicant must have completed a master’s degree in the U.S. and be eligible for an internship or job in the U.S., which means joining NEC’s programs places you in a dynamic network of working professionals.

These Executive programs follow a hybrid format, combining online coursework during the semester with a three-day on-campus residency each semester (scheduled over the weekend). This means students are quired to be on campus only once each semester (each year has three semesters). The drive from Boston to NEC takes approximately an hour and a half. 

In additional to its industry-focused curriculum and its accessibility to those around the Boston area, another advantage of NEC is its affordable tuition fees, making it a very cost-effective choice. 

Key Advantages: 🌟low tuition fee; 🌟lower on-site frequency; 🌟proximity to Boston; and 🌟a strong focus on career advancement

2. Monroe College

Located in New York, Monroe College is prime choice for students on the east coast. With accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, it offers Day 1 CPT programs such as MBA, MS in Computer Science, MS in Data Science, and a Data Science Certificate. These programs are designed to bolster students’ career advancement opportunities significantly.  

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Monroe College’s Day 1 CPT programs require their students to attend on-site classes once per month. While this means a higher frequency of campus visits, the college’s accessible location compensates for this. Additionally, the regular on-site sessions can be beneficial in providing ample evidence when students face an RFE (Request for Evidence). Traveling from Boston to Monroe College is manageable, with a 4-hour drive or just a 1-hour flight. Plus, you can take advantage of these trips by visiting New York City when you come for classes!

Key Advantages: 🌟proximity to Boston and NYC; 🌟relatively low tuition costs; and 🌟career opportunities in the New York area.

3. Saint Peter’s University

Located in Jersey City, NJ, just a river away from Manhattan, Saint Peter’s University is also an attractive option for students on the east coast. Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, it offers two specialized STEM programs for Day 1 CPT students: MS in Business Analytics and MS in Data Science, which can provide students with a 3-year OPT. Its proximity to Manhattan is a benefit for students seeking opportunities in the tech and finance sectors. 

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The Day 1 CPT programs at Saint Peter’s University require students to attend on-site classes twice per trimester. This policy strictly complies with the immigration requirement for F1 student while allowing for study-work flexibility. It takes a 5-hour drive from Boston to the school. You can also take a quick 1-hour flight from Boston to Newark Airport near Jersey City. 

Key Advantages: 🌟STEM programs; 🌟proximity to Boston and NYC

4. Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is a distinguished private, non-profit institution concentrating on STEM disciplines. Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, Harrisburg University offers a variety of Day 1 CPT programs in a broad spectrum of STEM fields, which include MS in Computer Information Sciences, MS in Analytics, and MS in Project Management. This university also caters to students in the healthcare sector with unique options such as MS in Healthcare Informatics, MS in Nursing, and MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences. For those with a focus on design, the MS program in Human-Centered Interaction Design is an excellent choice.


CPT is an integral part of Harrisburg University’s graduate programs, which indicates the school’s commitment to integrating academic learning with professional experience. Harrisburg University requires Day 1 CPT students to attend on-site classes once per month. With just a 2-hour flight from Boston to Harrisburg, attending on-site classes is quite feasible for students. 

Key Advantages: 🌟STEM programs; 🌟healthcare-related programs; 🌟design-related program

5. Trine University 

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Trine University is a reliable institution with over 135 years of history. In addition to MBA, it offers Day 1 CPT programs such as MS in Business Analytics, MS in Engineering Management, and MS in Information Studies. As these MS programs are STEM programs, they provide opportunities for obtaining a 3-year OPT, which is a significant advantage for international students. 

Trine University Logo

The university currently offers a newly approved program: PhD in Information Technology at the Detroit campus, which presents a unique opportunity for students looking for advancing their careers in the technology industry. 

Trine University has been a popular option among students looking for Day 1 CPT due to its strategic locations, program design, and international student-friendly policies. If you’re located in Boston, either the Detroit campus or the Reston campus is accessible. Another key benefit of the school is its very affordable tuition fee (around 8k per year); and there’s no requirement for financial statement, which makes it more financially available. Overall, Trine University is very cost-effective option for Day 1 CPT students.

Key Advantages: 🌟low tuition fee; 🌟location (multiple campus); 🌟STEM programs

Listed above are five universities I recommend for those in Boston considering a graduate program that allows for Day 1 CPT.

For more information on Day 1 CPT, I suggest referring to the following article: Day 1 CPT for International Students in the US. Additionally, you can explore a comprehensive list of all universities in the US offering Day 1 CPT.

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