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10 Reasons Why Int'l Students Prefer Day 1 CPT (Over O1 and L1)?

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In the challenging journey of international students in the U.S., the path is often riddled with uncertainties, especially when the coveted H1B visa remains elusive. This situation is particularly acute for students from countries like India and China, who face lengthy EB green card backlogs. As their OPT (Optional Practical Training) nears expiration, the pressing question looms: how can they continue their American dream?

Some students opt for international assignments with their companies, planning to return with an L1 visa. Others explore their talents and aim for the O1 visa for extraordinary abilities. However, a growing number are turning towards enrolling in a new Graduate Program, enriching their knowledge and simultaneously engaging in practical work through Day 1 CPT. This article delves into why Day 1 CPT is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

1. Immediate Employment Authority Opportunities

Day 1 CPT universities provide the opportunity to legally work/intern from day one of enrollment, allowing part-time or full-time CPT. This is a significant advantage over traditional study programs that require a one-year wait for CPT work/internships. Moreover, it offers a faster and simpler process compared to other work visas like L1 or H4 EAD, streamlining the employment journey for students.


2. Long-Term Viability

Facing the uncertainty of the H1B visa lottery, Day 1 CPT emerges as a long-term solution. You may choose from a variety of Master's and Doctoral programs. This period(length of the program) enables students to repeatedly participate in the H1B lottery or explore other immigration options while gaining valuable knowledge and practical work experience.


3. Flexible Transition

The multiple enrollment windows of Day 1 CPT universities throughout the academic year are a boon for students. This flexibility ensures that no matter when the OPT ends, students can smoothly transition to a new academic program without experiencing a gap in their status.


4. Accessible Admission Criteria

With simpler application processes and lower admission requirements, Day 1 CPT universities are accessible to a vast majority of international students in the U.S., making them an attractive option.


5. Work-Friendly Program Structure

The hybrid course structure, requiring low campus visits, makes it feasible for students to continue internship/employment with minimal disruption. This is essential for those who wish to maintain their professional trajectory while studying.


6. Affordable Cost

The relatively lower tuition fees of Day 1 CPT programs make them a financially viable option for students, especially those balancing work and study.  View Cheapest Day 1 CPT Universities>


7. Variety of Majors/Concentrations

From business and arts to engineering sciences, Day 1 CPT programs offer a wide range of fields, catering to diverse interests and career goals.


8. Manageable Academic Pressure

The programs are designed with a manageable workload, thereby reducing academic stress and allowing students to focus on their professional growth.


9. Flexible Withdrawal Policies

Day 1 CPT programs offer flexible withdrawal and break policies, accommodating students who may change their future study/career plan.


10. Employer Tuition Sponsorship Opportunities

Some companies may offer tuition sponsorship and providing financial assistance to support students’ academic journey in the U.S.

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Day 1 CPT stands out as a strategic choice for international students in the U.S. It offers a harmonious blend of academic enrichment and practical experience, acting as a crucial stepping stone in their journey to establish a long-term presence in the U.S. For many, Day 1 CPT is not just an educational opportunity; it's a pathway to fulfilling their American aspirations.

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