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Humphreys University: One of the Best Day 1 CPT Options in Bay Area

Best Day 1 CPT University in NocCal


San Francisco, the largest center of the technology industry in the U.S., is a melting pot of international students and professionals, all chasing their American dream. However, a shrinking job market and the tough odds of securing an H1B visa are forcing many to leave. Despite this, not many know about the option of Day 1 CPT, which allows students to work from their first day of enrollment and thus continue their careers in the U.S. Today, let's explore Humphreys University, a highly popular Day 1 CPT school near San Francisco. Accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), this university is an ideal choice not only for tech professionals in the Bay Area, but also for those living in Southern California and nearby states such as Arizona, Oregon, and Washington. 

Silicon Valley

Table of Contents:

  1. MBA-IT Programs: Best Choice for Tech Professionals
  2. Location and Onsite Frequency
  3. Enrollment Windows and Important Dates
  4. Course Requirement and Program Duration  
  5. Tuition Cost
  6. CPT Policy
  7. Admission Requirements

1. MBA-IT Programs: Best Choice for Tech Professionals

Unlike other Day 1 CPT schools, which provide multiple choices of Day 1 CPT programs, Humphreys University offers only one Day 1 CPT program: MBA-IT program. It is a 56 credit, 27-month STEM program specifically designed for tech professionals. 

Why is this program a great fit for tech professionals? To answer this question, let’s look into the two basic principles for choosing a Day 1 CPT program: 

(1) First, your Day 1 CPT program should be in a different discipline from your previous degree, as obtaining two similar degrees would appear suspicious to the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). Most tech workers already hold a degree in tech fields such as Computer Science, Data Sciences, and Information Technology. In order to distinguish their Day 1 CPT degree from their previous degree, getting an MBA is a wise option.

(2) Second, your Day 1 CPT program should be related to your job. MBA has always been the most popular option among Day 1 CPT students due to its broad applicability to a variety of job positions. As long as your work involves management, communication, administration, or leadership, you can demonstrate a connection between your job and your MBA degree. Moreover, compared to a general MBA program, the MBA-IT program at Humphreys University is better suited for professionals working at tech companies due to its concentration on IT management.

The MBA-IT program provides management and leadership skills necessary for a wide range of job positions. Thus, if you work in business and technology fields, Humphreys University’s MBA-IT program can not only allow you to maintain your employment in the U.S. but also provide essential knowledge for you to advance your career.


Humphreys University

2. Location and Onsite Frequency

The onsite campus of Humphreys University’s MBA-IT program is located in Stockton, which is less than a 1.5-hour drive from San Francisco and San Jose. This makes it especially convenient for residents of the Bay area. If you live in another state, you can fly to the Stockton Metropolitan Airport, which is only 20-minutes drive from the campus. 

This program adopts a hybrid teaching mode, featuring an onsite requirement once per quarter (there are 3 quarters per year). While most classes can be completed online, students must attend one face-to-face mandatory session (usually scheduled over a weekend) each quarter. Failure to meet this requirement will result in violations of USCIS regulations.

In fact, compared to schools that require the onsite frequency of once per month, Humphreys University’s onsite requirement is very manageable. Thus, its Day 1 CPT program is an excellent choice for students who are also managing heavy work duty. 


3. Enrollment Windows and Important Dates

Humphreys University has four intakes per year: Januanary, April, July, and September. Below are the upcoming start dates for the 2024 academic year:

Spring Quarter 
  • Class start date:  April 1
  • On-campus Sessions: April 6-7
Summer Quarter
  • Class start date: July 1
  • On-campus Sessions: July 6-7
Fall Quarter
  • Class start date: September 30
  • On-campus Sessions: TBD

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Onsite Frequency

4. Course Requirement and Program Duration

To graduate from the MBA-IT program, students need to take 56 credits in total during 27 months. There are 3 quarters per year. In each 11-week quarter, students are required to enroll in  two 4-credit courses in addition to a 1-credit CPT course, followed by a 2-week break between quarters. 

An annual break is scheduled during the 4th and 8th quarters. During these periods, CPT authorization is maintained, offering students the flexibility to either continue their practical training without interruption or opt for a break.

Below is the full course list: 

Core Courses (44 units)

  • MBA 301 Financial Accounting
  • MBA 303 Managerial Accounting for Decision-Making
  • MBA 305 Marketing Management
  • MBA 306 Macroeconomics: Business Conditions
  • MBA 307 Microeconomics: Decision-Making
  • MBA 320 Organizational Behavior
  • MBA 321 Data Analysis for Decision-Making
  • MBA 345 Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • MBA 370 Corporate Financial Management
  • MBA 385 Strategic Management Capstone
  • MBA 395 International Management

Information Technology Concentration (12 units)

  • MBA 393 Networking in Business Environments
  • MBA 394 Data for Business Environments
  • MBA 395 International Management

The courses of the MBA-IT program emphasize the combination of academic training and industrial experience. In the classroom you will learn about real-world business strategies that can be directly applied to your work.

Day 1 CPT MBA-IT Program

5. Tuition Cost

The tuition of Humphreys University is $3,000 per quarter. It is consistent across all quarters and must be paid in full by the start of each quarter. Annually, this amounts to $9,000, based on three quarters per year, with the entire program cost totaling $21,000 over seven quarters. 

Compared to other Day 1 CPT universities in the West Coast, where annual tuition typically surpasses $12,000, Humphreys University offers a more affordable option. 

Humphreys University does not charge any additional fees for CPT.

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6. CPT Policy

Humphreys University’s MBA-IT program allows students to work with CPT from the program start date. To apply for CPT authorization, you need to submit the following materials to the school’s DSO (Designated School Official): 

  • CPT Application Form
  • CPT agreement or employment letter (including your job title, job description, working hours, work location, and signature of your employer)
  • Proof of tuition payment

It usually takes 1-2 weeks to process your application. Once you receive your new I-20 with CPT authorization, you will be able to work from your CPT effective date (usually your program start date). Humphreys University requires an annual renewal of CPT for its students. With CPT, students can engage in employment continuously for the entire duration of the program.

San Francisco City

7. Admission Requirements

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Application deadlines
  • 2 weeks prior to program start dates for OPT students and F1 transfer students. 
  • 3 months prior to program start dates for holders of other visa types (such as H1B, H4, B, and L) who need a change of status.
Required Documents for Application
  • Application Form
  • Degree Certificates and Transcripts (GPA of 2.75 or higher )
  • Copy of passport
  • Financial Statement ($26,000 USD)
  • Copies of I-20 and I-94 (if applicable)
  • One Recommendation letter
  • Proof of English proficiency
    • IELTS: 6.0 or higher
    • TOEFL: 18 on each of the four sections, or a cumulative score of 80 or higher
    • Duolingo: 105 or higher (a minimum score of 100 on the Production sub-score)
    • Pearson Test of English: 53 or higher
    • You can waive the English proficiency requirement if you have received a Bachelor’s degree from an U.S. institution with a minimum GPA of 2.5

Note: if a degree has not been earned from an U.S. institution, then foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a NACES certified transcript evaluation company. 


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